Repelling Garden Pests Naturally

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Although you may love to show your garden off to friends and family, there are definitely some unwanted guests that should stay away from your plants! Many pests threaten to harm your garden and some of them, when left unchecked, could kill your plants and potentially ruin your harvest. Although using poisons to get rid of the problem is an option, some gardeners prefer a more natural approach to pest control. If you want to keep your garden organic and free of pesticides, there are some ways that you can effectively prevent or treat an infestation.

Pest-Repelling Plants

Just like we all have certain foods that we dislike, pests also have aversions to specific kinds of plants that you might place in your garden area. Some plants will actually repel certain pests and help keep them at bay. Many of these plants also happen to be ones that can be quite useful or decorative, such as herbs and flowers. This lets you make the most out of your garden while still keeping pests away.

Plants That Repel Insects

Even if some of your garden plants attract bugs, you can plant others to counteract the problem.

If you want to get rid of flies, try planting basil or lavender near your garden. Mosquitoes are another annoying insect that can become overwhelming during certain times of year. Help keep them away by planting peppermint, rosemary, garlic, and cloves. In certain climates, lemongrass (also known as citronella) is a great way to ward off many kinds of bugs.

Banish aphids from your garden area with the help of anise, spearmint, and nasturtium. Reduce wasp problems with mint plants. Also, you can plant marigolds around your garden to keep away many kinds of pests and add beauty to your yard at the same time.

Mint plants, such as peppermint, can repel certain pests.

Plants That Repel Four-Legged Pests

Rabbits, cats, dogs, and deer can all cause damage to your garden, whether by trampling your precious plants or munching on them for a snack.

Bergamot has been said to repel cats and dogs, and cats tend to dislike the smell of the rue plant. Lavendar and mint plants can help keep pesky rabbits away from your crops. Deer, although difficult to keep out of your garden, avoid the scent of Russian sage, lavender, and yarrow plants.

Other Natural Repellents

Citronella or eucalyptus oils work well for repelling mosquitoes and other kinds of insects. Some soapy water or tea bags can help with ant problems. Citrus pieces left in the garden can attract slugs that can then be thrown out.

One more way to help rid your garden of pests naturally is to attract the creatures that will eat them. For instance, ladybugs and spiders hanging out around your garden can help protect your plants.

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