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Strawberry, Berries Galore Hybrid


Strawberries Berries Galore Hybrid produces medium-sized berries appearing in mid-summer. A second smaller crop is produced in the Fall. Glossy foliage makes this a great ornamental plant. Flowers are produced above the foliage. For best production, harvest continuously every three or four days after berries appear. Productivity increases with the age of the plant. Packet of 10 Strawberry Berries Galore Hybrid Seeds.

Strawberry, Berries Basket White Hybrid


Strawberry Berries Basket White Hybrid ever-bearing, compact and bushy plants produce large, deep red, full-flavored berries until first frost.  White flowers and shiny, deep green leaves on strong vigorous plants.  Well-suited to baskets. Package contains 10 Strawberry Berries Basket White Hybrid Seeds.



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