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Has the unpredictable spring weather got you down? Vegetable gardening can definitely be tricky when it’s beautiful and sunny one day and snowing the next. In situations like this, starting seeds inside is a great way to kick off your …

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Don’t Let Pests Bug Your Garden! Although you may love to show your garden off to friends and family, there are definitely some unwanted guests that should stay away from your plants! Many pests threaten to harm your garden and …

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Cilantro, also known as Coriander, is grown for its distinctly flavored green leaves. This foliage is often used in Mexican and Asian cuisine, and is found in many types of salsa. It adds a fresh, unique taste to recipes. Cilantro …

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Chantenay Red Core carrots are true to their name, sporting a signature red-colored core that makes them distinct and a beautiful way to add color to salads and other recipes. These carrots are short and thick, growing about 5-6” long.


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Raised Bed Gardening, Part 1: The Basics Raised garden beds are a beneficial tool for those who are new to gardening as well as experienced gardeners. Raised beds are appealing because they can make gardening easier as well as lend … 


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