About Us

We are Cheryl and Jason Miller, the owners of Hometown Seeds.  Cheryl is a Registered Nurse who works in a very fast-paced Emergency Room and Jason is a Mechanical Engineer who sells Industrial Laundry Equipment.  However, our true passion is gardening, canning and enjoying the outdoors on our two acres of land in Northern Utah.  We purchased Hometown Seeds in February 2018 because we want to provide gardeners a resource for excellent quality vegetable, herb and flower seeds at a fair price.  There is such a great sense of accomplishment growing your own food and literally going from garden to table.  It's been exciting meeting gardeners from so many diverse backgrounds.  We have met people who live off-grid to those who garden on their urban apartment roof top.  Feel free to share pictures of your gardens as we would love to spotlight all of the amazing things our customer grow.  Please contact us anytime via email or phone, we would love to hear from you!

Cheryl and Jason



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