About Us

We want to provide home gardeners the highest quality seed at a fair price.  We do this while maintaining a fun, high integrity workplace and providing exceptional customer service.  We are always refining our product mix to suit a large majority of home gardeners.  In the future we will grow into a resource where a novice gardener as well as a seasoned gardener can come for seed, supplies, information, and interaction with the gardening community. We are strictly online. We do not produce the conventional color catalog each year. This has helped us keep overhead low and pass the savings on to our customers. It also allows us to quickly address requests in the products and resources we provide. We have been able to involve our families in the business which has been great!  We have our older children packing seeds and the smaller ones help clean up (and sometimes make messes) and do all sorts of odd jobs.  Our wives have stepped in and become a vital part of the team. Another unexpected pleasure was the opportunity to meet gardeners from so many diverse backgrounds.  We have met people who live off-grid to those who garden on their urban apartment roof top.  That’s a lot of fun!