Kids and Gardening

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Gardening is a great opportunity for children to learn, grow, and spend time outdoors. By starting their own garden, children can have a sense of ownership over their little section of the yard, and there is nothing like watching seeds sprout and grow!

Starting a kids’ garden is a wonderful spring and summer activity, and it will keep your young ones entertained for hours as they plant seeds, watch plants grow, and harvest vegetables.

How to Involve Kids in Gardening

At almost any age, there are ways that children can get involved in gardening. Here are just a few ways to help them develop a joy of gardening!

■ Allow children a small (or large, if you have the room and they are willing to take it on!) area of the garden to work in. This will become their own garden where they can watch the growth that results from their care and attention.
■ Find gardening tools (gloves, garden spades, rakes, watering cans, etc.) that are suitable for your children and are easy for them to work with.
■ Let kids create their own garden markers to help remember where different seeds are planted.
■ Older kids (and younger ones with your help) can plan out their garden and where each plant should go. Let them draw out these plans on paper that they can then transfer into their garden space.

Do you know of some great ways to gets kids excited about gardening? Share in the comments!

Have fun!

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