All about… Danvers Half-Long Carrot

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Danvers Half-Long carrots are named for the place where they were first developed back in 1886—Danvers, Massachusetts. These carrots are bright orange and fine-grained with a wonderful, mild flavor.

Danvers Half-Long carrots are somewhat blocky and grow to be about 6-7” long with a tapered but blunt end. This variety does fine in poor soil, so if your garden area has rocky or clay soil this may be a good choice for you. It also doesn’t need a lot of space to grow.

This is a heavy-yielding carrot that is a good keeper and stores well, staying crisp and flavorful for a long time. You can also freeze or can them. The fact that these carrots are not completely coreless means that you can cook them in more ways without them becoming mushy.

Plant Danvers Half-Long carrots in cool weather (spring or fall) and harvest when the carrots reach desired maturity—starting around ½ inch or so in diameter.

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