All About… Danish Ballhead Cabbage

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Do you enjoy sauerkraut? Or maybe coleslaw? Even if you don’t, there are still a lot of delicious ways to use cabbage, and Danish Ballhead Cabbage is one of the best kinds to choose.

Danish Ballhead Cabbage is well-known for its ability to keep for a long time. In the right conditions, it can store for months! To store successfully for a long period of time, you can pull the whole plant up and hang upside down in a cool place.

The heads of the Danish Ballhead are large, growing up to 10 inches and 7 pounds. Tight heads resist splitting, and they taste mild, sweet, and tender. The leaves are blue-green on the outside and light green on the interior of the head. The plant also resists bolting. They are really good for just about any recipe calling for cabbage.

Grow this cabbage in fertile, well-drained soil and water evenly.


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