Tomatillo Seeds, Husk Tomato

Tomatillo Seeds, Husk Tomato

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80 days. Large fruited tomatillo with sweet green fruits measuring 2 to 3 inches across (1.8 - 2.8 oz), enclosed in a papery husk. Vigorous prostrate vine. Used in salsa verde or in pies. Tomatillo adds a sweet/sour flavor to Mexican dishes. Grows similar to regular tomato plants, in full sun, well drain soil and even moisture. Remember Tomatillos are self-sterile, so always plant at least two. Very disease resistance. Package Contains approx. 400 Tomatillo Seeds, Husk Tomato.

Starting Instructions

Tomatillos are very similar to tomatoes. Sow seeds indoors and their ideal germinating temperature is the mid to upper 80's. Give yourself plus or minus 4 weeks before transplanting. These plants germinate quickly and grow rapidly.

Planting Instructions

Germination: 7 to 10 days at 75 to 85 F. Plant seeds 1/4 of an inch deep, 24 inches apart with 3 feet between rows.