Blue Hopi Ornamental - Corn Seeds



  • 75-90 days
  • Package contains 20 grams, approximately 130 Blue Hopi Ornamental Hybrid Corn Seeds.
  • Germination: 4-12 days at 60-85F.
  • Plant 2-4" deep, 12-18" apart, with 30-36" between rows.
Blue Hopi Ornamental Corn is not normally eaten right off the cob. This decorative corn can be turned to corn flour/meal and used for chips, corn bread, and tortillas. The stalks of this plant will reach 5 feet high with ears that get around 7 inches. Kernels are a very dark blue color. The ears are also great as a fall decoration.
There is nothing quite like corn that is freshly picked from the garden. Gardeners can enjoy growing and eating corn that is especially sweet (such as sugary enhanced and supersweet varieties) or regular, depending on their preference for sweetness and taste. This warm-season veggie is a favorite during the summer and a staple for barbecues and outdoor gatherings. Corn commonly has kernels that are white, yellow, or bicolor (mixture of both).
Planting, Growing, and Harvesting:
Corn needs plenty of space, so plant seeds in an area where other plants will not be overshadowed. Corn will grow tall and feed heavily from the soil. Plant corn in rows or blocks to help with pollination (which occurs from wind). Keep corn well watered and remove weeds from the area. Corn plants will need full sun and fertile, well-drained soil
When planting, take into account that corn can cross-pollinate with other varieties of corn. This can be an issue with the sweet kinds of corn, since pollination from regular corn can negatively affect your sweet corn crop. For this reason, it is advised that you isolate the corn for best results.
To harvest corn, look for ears that appear plump and have brown, dried silk. You can pull back the husk a little and check the kernels to be sure they should produce a milky (instead of clear) liquid when poked with your fingernail. Be sure the stalk is secured and steady before you pull the ear off or you may damage the plant. Plants generally produce 1-3 ears each.

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