Planting a Small Garden

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When working with a small garden space, every inch counts. The important thing is to make the most of every bit of soil you can to get the most of a little garden.

First, pick plants that are known for being compact. In many cases, there are smaller versions of a plant you might like to grow. Instead of trying to fit a regular-sized tomato plant in your small garden, looks for ones described as “compact.”

Also pay attention to how the plants grow. Although vine plants can stretch out to take up tons of space, you can grow these plants up a trellis or fence in many cases, saving you a lot of space. This can be your best option if space is an issue for you.

If you don’t really have room for a garden at all (in other words, no yard or dirt for planting), grow vegetables in containers. A pot or a window box can allow you to grow in places you might have assumed were too cramped for vegetables. This could work on a balcony, patio, deck, or porch.

Take into account how much sun your garden area will get. This is a big factor in deciding what to grow. If you get full sun, you’ll have a lot more options than with an area that gets a good amount of shade. Even if the spot is somewhat shady, there are still certain plants that will grow.

There are many ways to make gardening in a small space a reality. Go ahead and get creative!

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