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Marigolds are a popular choice for flower beds as well for growing near vegetables in the garden. These little sunny flowers are beautiful and decorative and some gardeners also find them useful.

As their name suggests, Marigolds tend to be a golden-yellow color. There are many varieties of Marigold, however, that come in different colors and shades. Their brilliant colors make them excellent for edging and borders in flower beds.

Marigolds are fairly hardy and adaptable annual flowers, making them ideal for many garden situations. They like full sun and can handle some dry weather conditions as long as you keep them watered. These flowers will continue to bloom throughout the summer if they are dead-headed.

There aren’t many pests that bother Marigolds. In fact, some gardeners like to use these flowers in vegetable gardening to discourage pests from hanging out near plants. It is thought that Marigolds may help improve soil as well. If nothing else, though, Marigolds definitely add a lovely and sunny touch to your garden area.

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