Burpless Cucumbers

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Have you seen certain types of cucumbers described as “burpless” but not been sure what it means?

Some people experience discomfort from eating certain cucumbers because these fruits can contain a compound called cucurbitacin that may cause heartburn or indigestion. Fortunately, if you have such a reaction to cucumbers there are varieties available that are less likely to cause stomach discomfort.

Burpless cucumbers are known for their thin, soft skin and have fewer seeds when compared with other cucumbers. These burpless cucumbers are sweet and taste delicious. They also contain little or no cucurbitacin, meaning they probably won’t cause “burping” or indigestion.

If you’ve avoided cucumbers before due to discomfort, now you can celebrate! You can still enjoy crisp, tasty cucumbers this summer without upsetting your stomach.

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