All about… Triple Moss Curled Parsley

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Triple Moss Curled Parsley is a decorative and delicious herb. Although parsley is often used as a garnish—and it does look elegant on a plate—it is also a valuable ingredient.

The bright green, curled leaves of Triple Moss Curled Parsley give it a truly mossy appearance, and clumps of this low-growing plant look soft and decorative. Plant this versatile herb in full sun or part shade, with well-drained soil. This parsley will grow quickly and soon fill the area with a wonderful aroma. To harvest, trim the outermost stalks of the parsley. It is best used fresh, since the flavor will be best (dried parsley tends to lose a lot of its flavor).

Add Triple Moss Curled parsley to whatever recipes you like—it has a unique but mild flavor that will add taste without taking over the dish. Soup, vegetables, and meats are great with parsley. You can also chew on a sprig of Triple Moss Curled parsley for fresh breath.

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