All about… Spring Rapini (Raab)

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Spring Rapini (also known as Raab) is often associated with broccoli due to many similar

traits they share. In fact, raab is related to turnips and isn’t actually broccoli.

Spring Rapini raab produces flowering heads that look a lot like broccoli. A difference is the fact that raab produces side-shoots instead of just one central head. These shoots produce edible clusters of delicious buds. These plants will reach about 10-15 inches tall.

Spring Rapini raab has various edible parts: stems, leaves, and buds. Raab is nutritious and is especially popular in Italian cuisine. You can generally use it as though it were baby broccoli and enjoy it in recipes where broccoli is called for as an ingredient. It is also tasty when simply sauteed with oil and spices.

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