All about… Scarlet Runner Bean

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Scarlet runner beans are definitely some of the most decorative bean plants you can grow. Growing as a climbing vine, the plants will produce gorgeous red flowers throughout the season. These flowers will continue to bloom as long as you keep picking the beans. Hummingbirds and bees just love this plant!

The Scarlet Runner plant will happily grow up a strong trellis or on a fence, and will stretch out to ten feet and beyond. Because of their ornamental nature, Scarlet Runner plants are often grown for decorative reasons alone. The beans can be eaten, however. You can enjoy the beans as green beans, or prepare dry beans as you would lima beans. It is suggested that you cook Scarlet Runner beans before eating, since raw beans can possibly cause some people to feel sick.

These beans are perfect for those who want a decorative plant that will also produce food. Once it gets going, Scarlet Runner will grow quickly—it’s wonderful for covering an ugly fence with lovely vines and flowers and will bring a splash of color to your yard.

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