All about… Lemon Cucumber

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At first glance, it might be hard to believe that the Lemon Cucumber is actually a cucumber. But after a bite, you’ll know that there’s nothing sour about this cucumber!

The rounded fruit of the Lemon Cucumber does resemble a lemon in color and shape, but
the similarities end there. The crunchy, sweet, delicate flavor of the Lemon Cucumber makes it a perfect candidate for salads or for slicing up and eating, and better still, this variety won’t get bitter. One of the greatest features of this cucumber is its unusual appearance, which makes it perfect for adding a bit of excitement to salads. You can also make it into a unique pickle. There’s nothing else quite like it!

It’s best to harvest this cucumber when it is pale green or light lemon yellow in color, since this is when the taste is at its peak (they will be a little bigger than a lemon in size). The fruits will go on to become a bright yellow/golden color. Lemon Cucumbers are easy to grow and are good for container gardening. The vines may need some kind of support as the plant grows larger, like a fence or trellis. This variety can be quite prolific, so get ready to enjoy lots of sweet, delicious cucumber flavor!

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