All about… Greek Oregano

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The smell of tomato sauce simmering; freshly baked pizza; warm pasta mixed with herbs…all of these have something in common: oregano! Highly aromatic and full of delicious flavor, Greek Oregano is an important addition to many Italian dishes and it really provides a great peppery kick!

Greek Oregano is wonderful for more than those dishes, though. Try it on various recipes including eggs, poultry, beef, breads, and vegetables like summer squash, potatoes, peppers, and more. Some people also enjoy Oregano tea. You can get creative and try this yummy herb with lots of foods.

Greek Oregano isn’t difficult to grow. It is a hardy plant that will tolerate dry conditions. Plant in a sunny area with well-drained soil, and Greek Oregano should thrive. Harvest the leaves often by cutting stems from the plant. The leaves are delicious fresh, but can also be dried or stored in the freezer.

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