All about… Graffiti Hybrid Cauliflower

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When you first think of cauliflower, what comes to mind? Mostly likely not bright purple, but believe it or not, that is what Graffiti Hybrid Cauliflower looks like!

Graffiti Hybrid Cauliflower is a brilliantly purple cauliflower that will add dazzling color to the garden. The heads are medium sized and dome-shaped with smooth curds that are packed with nutrition. The dark green leaves look beautiful against the purple heads. Fortunately, the color of this cauliflower isn’t prone to change from the sun, and it doesn’t need as much wrapper protection as other varieties. It does quite well in the heat but doesn’t like cooler weather. Graffiti is resistant to downy mildew and deals well with rain and humidity.

When cooking Graffiti Hybrid Cauliflower, the color will change from vibrant purple to a light bluish-green, somewhat lavender shade. You can help preserve a brighter color by adding about a tablespoon of lemon juice to the water when cooking. Another way to enjoy this vegetable while displaying its beauty is to serve it raw. Add it to a vegetable tray with dip and it will definitely be the highlight of your table.

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