All about… Detroit Dark Red Beets

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The Detroit Dark Red Beet is a wonderful heirloom beet that is round, smooth, and a beautiful red color. These blood-red beets grow to be around 3 inches in diameter and taste very sweet. You can also eat the thinnings and leaves of this plant, and they are actually quite nutritious and tasty—so nothing goes to waste with these beets!

Detroit Dark Red beets like the cool early spring or fall weather and don’t do well in hot summer temperatures. Plant beet seeds in sandy, well-drained soil. Unlike some other varieties, these beets still taste good when they are allowed to grow large and won’t get a “woody” taste.

Use Detroit Dark Red beets for canning, pickling, boiling, freezing, and baking. These beets store well. You can enjoy the greens in salads, too. These really are a wonderful choice when it comes to beets!


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