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It is difficult to find an herb as useful and beautiful as chives. Not only can you use chives in a ton of recipes, but the flowers of the plant are absolutely gorgeous, making chives both ornamental and useful.

Chives are perennial bulb plants. The flowers they produce are light purple and round in shape—almost pompom-like. The chive plant can grow up to 18 inches high and does best in zones 3-9. Plant chives in your herb garden, or use them as a decorative touch in flower gardens or as edging or border plants. For instance, chives would be an excellent choice for planting along a pathway. The long, thin leaves of the chive plant are elegant and delicate-looking.

You may choose to grow chives in containers as well as out in the garden. Just be sure they receive plenty of direct sunlight (about 6 hours). You can even enjoy chives as a year-round houseplant.

Harvest chives whenever you need them by snipping leaves off about 2 inches above the soil line. Wait for plants to grow about 6 inches tall before you begin harvesting them. You can use chive leaves fresh or you can freeze or dry them for use later on.

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