All About…Bull’s Blood Beets

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The deep, red leaves of the Bull’s Blood Beet will bring a rich beauty to any garden space. The leaves alone are reason enough to add these beets to your yard, but you can also enjoy eating the globed, burgundy roots as well.

You can eat the young leaves of this plant by adding them to spring salads, or wait for them to grow bigger and enjoy the roots. Bull’s Blood Beets taste best when they are small, about 2-3 inches—this is when they are the most sweet and delicious. If allowed to grow big, these beets become rough. The round beets are almost as stunning as their foliage when cut open, and they sport decorative red and pink rings. The leaves are still tasty after growing to a larger size and won’t become bitter.

Bull’s Blood Beets like cool weather and are great for early spring or fall planting. When you see this plant’s gorgeous, glossy leaves, you might want to grow it as ornamental foliage in your garden. These beet plants look truly stunning among other plants and will liven up any space.

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