All about… Broad Leaved Sage

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Broad Leaved Sage (or Broadleaf Sage) is a fragrant perennial herb with silvery green leaves that are somewhat fuzzy. The aromatic foliage is attractive on its own for scent and appearance, but the flowers of the sage plant are also a wonderful garden treat: tiny bluish-lavender blooms will show up in early summer to add some color to the area. The flowers will also bring bees and butterflies to your garden.

The savory flavor of Broad Leaved Sage is perfect for seasoning chicken and various meat dishes. Sage is also used in many stuffing recipes.  Some say that sage has medicinal properties and can be used as a digestive aid among other things.

Don’t over-harvest sage in its first year so it can get established. Although sage is fine with dry soil, give it plenty of water when it is young for a healthy start. Store fresh sage leaves in the refrigerator, or allow them to dry and use them later on. This herb keeps a lot of its flavor even when dried.

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