All about… Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

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Black Seeded Simpson lettuce is definitely a favorite of many gardeners. This heirloom lettuce offers both beauty and fantastic taste.

The leaves of the Black Seeded Simpson are large, light green, and somewhat crumpled. This reliable lettuce is also resistant to heat, light frost, and is slow to bolt, meaning it will last longer into summer than some other varieties. The leaves are very tender and the flavor is delicate. You may prefer to pick the leaves early, before they are mature, for baby greens. These small leaves should be ready after about 3 weeks.

Black Seeded Simpson lettuce is quite easy to grow and will produce strong yields. Just give it some loose, rich soil and adequate water. When it’s time to harvest, snip off leaves and use them in salads, sandwiches, or as wraps.

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