All about… BeSweet 2015 Edamame Soybean

Edamame Soybeans not only taste great–they are also quite nutritious! If you have never tried these soybeans, you are definitely missing out on a healthy, yummy snack.

Edamame Soybeans should be picked before they are fully mature. This means harvesting while they are plump but still green, not yellow. Once picked, a favorite way to prepare these soybeans is to boil them in salt water and pop them out of their pods to eat as a snack. The pods themselves are too fibrous to eat, but the cooked beans are really easy to remove after being boiled.

You can also add the beans to stir-fries or vegetable dishes. They have a rich, smooth flavor that adds great taste to many recipes. Try growing them in your garden–you won’t be disappointed. We offer different seed pack sizes for Edamame on our site.


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