All about… Armenian Yard-Long Cucumber

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Armenian Yard-Long Cucumbers are known as the longest cucumbers available. Like the name implies, the fruits of this plant can grow up to an impressive 3 feet long! It is important to keep in mind, however, that these long, slender cucumbers will taste better when harvested at a smaller size.

Armenian Yard-Long Cucumbers are an heirloom variety with a wonderful mild flavor. Believe it or not, although these are considered to be cucumbers, they are actually a kind of musk melon. You can use them the same way you would any cucumber, and they taste great sliced up and added to a salad. They do not have any bitterness to them.

If you are looking for a cucumber that can grow in dry conditions, the Armenian Yard-Long is a great choice. And although you’d think such a long cucumber would require a ton of garden space, it doesn’t have to—these cucumbers can grow on a trellis to save space. The shape that the cucumbers will grow depends on where you grow them. If you grow the plants on the ground, the fruits will likely curve and curl. If grown on a trellis, gravity helps turn the fruits into a straight shape instead.

To use the Armenian Yard-Long cucumber, you don’t need to worry about peeling it. Because its skin is thin, you can just slice the cucumber and use it. Add these cucumbers raw to green salads, pasta salads, and sandwiches, or try pickling them for a unique and delicious pickle.

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