All about… Amy Hybrid Canary Melon

The Amy Canary Hybrid Melon is a bright and sunny summertime treat. If you have about 6 feet of space in your garden for these beauties, you can enjoy an easy to grow and delicious early melon.

The Amy melon plant grows as a vine which produces large yields of 2-3 pound fruits. These melons, known as canary type melons, are smooth with no netting on the rind. Inside, Amy melons have a small seed cavity and very fragrant, juicy, light flesh. When the melons are ready to be harvested, they will turn a very bright yellow.

Amy Canary Hybrid Melons can handle stressful growing situations such as poor soil and dry conditions. With their exceptional sweetness, ease of growing, and earliness, Amy melons are a wonderful choice all around.

If you don’t have a lot of garden space to grow melons, this variety can be grown up a large (and strong!) trellis.

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