All about… Ace 55 Tomato

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Do you dislike the acidity often found in tomatoes? Ace 55 is a low-acid choice that is ideal for people who avoid acidic tomatoes.  Not only that, but it is also hearty and delicious as well as resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, and Alternaria Stem Canker.

Ace 55 tomatoes grow on an indeterminate vine. The fruits are deep red, thick-walled, hearty, and can weigh 7 ounces or more.  Be sure to give the plants some kind of support! A trellis is one good option for this.

Ace 55 tomatoes are known for dependable production and large crops. They are great for fresh eating, but due to their low acid content it isn’t suggested that you can these tomatoes.

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