Grab 'n Go Survival Seed Kit

Grab 'n Go Survival Seed Kit

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When there’s an emergency, you need to act quickly. You and your loved ones will need access to important survival resources and a long-term solution for your families food and nutrition needs.Your survival gear is only as safe as the bag that carries it and this is the same bag used by the military and special ops police departments. The ultimate SDS pack is ready when you are!

This Grab n Go Emergency Kit has a retail value of $338.00 and is NOW AVAILABLE for only $169.00 (a 50% SAVINGS) PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Your Grab n Go Survival kit contains the following:

  • 1) PROTECH MILITARY SLING BAG Military Grade construction and materials. Full opening flat front pocket, Side entry pocket between main and outer pocket, Internal center compressions, Katana heavy duty Zipper pulls, Shoulder pad lift straps, neoprene radio port, Weight: only 2 lbs.



  • 1) FREE Mainstay 3600 Calorie Ration Bar that exceeds U.S. coast guard standards!
  • 1) FREE Mainstay Energy Bar that has 1200 calories! Full of vitamins and minerals and tastes great.
  • 1) Wildo Spork. The Spork offers a knife, fork and spoon in a single device.


  • 1) Emergency Seeds Package which contains over 20,000 GMO-free quality seeds in 16 easy-to-grow non-hybrid varieties. Non-hybrid survival seeds produce true to variety seeds to replant for future harvest. Provides optimum water content to increase storage life up to 20 years.


  • 1) High Grade 38 oz Canteen w/ Advanced Water Filtration device. Filters up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Made from BPA free material.


  • 1) KIO3 Bottle of 60 Anti-Radiation Tablets
  • 1) Pair of Durable Safety Eye Goggles which are light weight, non-fogging ventilated and fit over glasses.
  • 4) ReadiMask Particle Masks with Integrated Eye Protection! (Choose from Adult or Child sizes) These masks minimizes eye contamination, seals completely to face, are easy to apply, pocket-sized, and contain an anti-fog Eye Shield.
  • 1) NDUR Emergency Survival Blanket made of strong insulating materials that reflect 90% of radiant body heat. Prevents and assists treatment of Hypothermia. Water and Wind Resistant. Compact and light weight. Silver side can be used as a signaling device
  • 2) Emergency Ponchos (adult) Hooded, Lightweight, reusable. One size fits all.


  • 1) Princeton Tec Quad Tac Headlight with 4 ultra bright LED lights, 3 interchangeable lenses, up to 105 hours of battery life, 35 m distance, and are weatherproof.
  • 1) FREE Chemlight Tactical Light. This light is non-toxic, non-flammable, waterproof and last 12 hours!
  • 1) Firesteel Mini Firestarter. It is the ultimate way to light a fire in any weather. Developed by the Swedish Defense Department.
  • 2) Utility Flame which is the ultimate of fire solutions. You just open the package, squeeze out the gel and you'll have light!
  • 1) Aviation Survival Firestarter Kit which contains instructions, waterproof tinder and lighter. It is pocket sized.


  • 1) 75 ft Nylon Rope strong and durable
  • 1) 5-in-1 Survival Compass that includes a lanyard, safety whistle, liquid compass, signaling mirror, storage container, and Flint!