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A Great Personal Company

I just got my first order from you guys and it is just as described. This company is great with fast shipping, a wide selection and they even took the time to write a "thank you" on the order slip in the package. I look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Testimonial By: Ryan Purdy

Happy! Happy!! Happy!!!

The folks at Hometown Seeds earned my respect with the very first order. Price, quantity and customer service is impeccable.

Roland Close
Zone 9b
Central Florida
Gardening 24/7/365
Snow? Ice? What is THAT?

Testimonial By: Roland Close

Great Company

I love you all! This is our first year in our first house and I have been dying to garden for years - so much I had ordered the survival seed package over a year ago! I did not start seeding until this spring, and I would say pretty much a 100% germination rate, and I am new to this. I ordered more and more seeds (individual packs) and everything is germinating like crazy! AND I did get a few seeds from other places that had horrible germination rates. Customer service is also great - you are all so friendly! I will always order from you. Thanks so much for your great seeds - I can't wait to eat all the veggies!!

Testimonial By: Jennifer Rivera

Fast Shipping

I received my package from you guys just a few minutes ago and I must say I am impressed with the mail service. I'm from Canada originally and this is my first year here.If I placed a seed order from the same distance away that yours came from in Canada,it would take a week or more.I think they send theirs by snail express as does the rest of Canada Posts mail.Thank You so much!

Testimonial By: Shirley


Amazing! The seeds sprouted quickly and it didn't take long for my garden to fill up! Easy enough for a city girl like me! Thanks!

Testimonial By: Dawn


Pleasure doing business with you.
Happy Holidays!

Testimonial By: Keath

Great gift

My last order was filled so quickly and my family members Loved this gift. Thank you!

Testimonial By: Bonnie


Hello! I am SO glad to have found your site! THANK YOU for providing us with safe, nutritious seeds.
Very respectfully,

Testimonial By: Danielle

lightning fast

WOW! What a shocker. I ordered on Friday and received my package on Monday! Thanks!!!!!

Testimonial By: kathy t

Love Survival Seed Packet

Your survival seed packet is excellent. I shared seed with other serious
gardeners who have reported excellent results also. Not only did the seed
start well, the plants are sturdy, and the produce, so far, has been
outstanding. I planted five raised beds, three exclusively with your seed.
I've had plenty to share. Thank you for your product.

Testimonial By: Caroline — Tennessee


I got my order in three days. It shipped the day I ordered. Thx

Testimonial By: Roger — Virginia

Beautiful Wildflowers From Quality Seeds

I have had trouble in the past getting wildflowers to germinate. I decide to start a new bed and used a variety of your seeds. They are amazing! They germinated evenly and are coming in so thick. Thank you for a quality product.”

Testimonial By: Janet — S. Dakota

My Family Loves The New Recipes With Fresh Herbs

I had to write and tell you I just love my herb garden! It brightens my days to grow a small window garden during these cold winter months. My family loves the new recipes with fresh herbs. Thanks Hometown.”

Testimonial By: Crystal — Utah

Terrific Survival Seeds Package

Just want to thank you for offering the survival seeds. I had never considered this until I noticed them on your website while doing my spring order. I ordered one for each of my married children.”

Testimonial By: Seth — New Mexico

Great Company to Work With

My little garden looks great! My seeds germinated very evenly. I can see a huge difference over the home center seeds I bought last year. Thank You for a great product.

Testimonial By: Alicia — CA




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