Annual Flower Seeds

If it's a beautiful Moon Flower, Nasturtium or Morning Glory you want, we carry a wide rang of annual seeds. Have a new palette of color every year in your yard. Most of our annuals bloom continuously from spring though fall so your yard will always have a splash of color.
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Sunflower, Mammoth Grey Stripe
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Sunflower, Autumn Beauty
Nasturtium, Jewel Mixture
Marigold, Sparky Mixture
Marigold, Petite Mixture
Zinnia, Lilliput Mixed Colors
Lobelia, Crystal Palace- Annual Seeds
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Marigold, Cracker Jack Mix - Annual Seeds
Zinnia, Thumbelina Mix
Zinnia, California Giant
Moon Flower, Night Flowering
Nasturtium, Cherry Rose
Zinnia, Dahlia Flowered Mix
Alyssum Carpet Of Snow
Cosmos, Sensation Mix
Alyssum Royal Carpet
Cosmos, Bright Lights - Annual Seeds
Cleome, Queen Mixture
Four O'Clocks, Marvel of Peru
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Larkspur, Giant Imperial Mix
Sunflower, Teddy Bear
Vinca, Pacifica Burgundy Halo - Annual Seeds
Sweet Pea Royal Family Mix
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Salvia, Evolution
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Celosia, Fresh Look Gold
Sweet William, Wee Willie
Viola, Skippy XL Plum-Gold
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