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Cilantro, also known as Coriander, is grown for its distinctly flavored green leaves. This foliage is often used in Mexican and Asian cuisine, and is found in many types of salsa. It adds a fresh, unique taste to recipes. Cilantro …

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Since winter is here it is time to reconsider your gardening. Outdoor gardens may be hard for some so this season we can begin our journey with container gardening.

This type of gardening allows people with limited time, little or a lot of space, or even limited physical capacities to create a relaxing and inviting garden during all seasons of the year. If you are a cooking-oriented gardener, you will enjoy the benefit of having fresh kitchen herbs close by.

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Garden Fresh Salsa is the best.  Whether you like it hot or not, you can tailor this recipe to meet your needs.  Enjoy!

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The smell of tomato sauce simmering; freshly baked pizza; warm pasta mixed with herbs…all of these have something in common: oregano! Highly aromatic and full of delicious flavor, Greek Oregano is an important addition to many Italian dishes and it … Continue reading

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Triple Moss Curled Parsley is a decorative and delicious herb. Although parsley is often used as a garnish—and it does look elegant on a plate—it is also a valuable ingredient. The bright green, curled leaves of Triple Moss Curled Parsley … Continue reading

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