Football Season Started, Time for Chips and Salsa

Quick and Easy Homemade Salsa

Salsa Value Packp

6 fresh tomatoes
⅓ onion- sweet or red- roughly chopped
bunch of cilantro
pinch of cayenne pepper
1 jalapeno, Serrano, or Hot Anahiem pepper
1/2 green pepper
3 cloves of garlic

You just want to roughly chop the tomato and place in a food processor or a blender.
Add the onion and cilantro and garlic.
Give the mixture a quick few chops in your mixer.
Slice one lime and squeeze the juice on top as well as a few pinches of salt and a pinch or two of cayenne pepper.
Add the pepper(s) and blend.
For a chunky salsa you want to just do a few quick pulses in the food processor.

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