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Supersweet 100 Tomatoes with Soup Recipe

Cherry-type tomatoes are a favorite for many gardeners for various reasons. These bite-sized fruits are ready to eat earlier than large tomatoes. They are also conveniently sized for snacking. And, these little tomatoes are often exceptionally sweet and flavorful.   … Continue reading

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Smoked Turkey and Bean Sprout Sandwich

Ingredients 2 slices wheat bread (toasted optional) 1 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsps prepared mustard  3 slices smoked turkey breast 2 tbsps guacamole 1/2 cup mixed salad green 1/4 cup bean sprouts 1/4 avocado (peeled pitted and sliced) 3 ozs monterey … Continue reading

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All About Survival Sprout Seeds

Simply being the best deal you can find on a variety of sprout seeds we allow for two size packages. We offer a 2 pound option of our Survival Sprouts and a 4 pound option. How long will they last? Each is packaged … Continue reading

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